Wow. Did we really just spend $19,000 of taxpayer dollars to do a study proposing two-way traffic for Water Street in Augusta? Why not instead just ask anyone who lived here about 35 years ago, who also remembers the time when Water Street actually was two-way?

As a result, the Downtown Merchants Association and the Augusta City Council also studied the downtown situation and the problems that two-way traffic was causing (looking both ways, primarily, usually for parking) before deciding that it would be better to make the change to one-way traffic, for less congestion, reduced vehicular accidents, better pedestrian safety, expanded parking, and easier traffic flow, both for downtown shoppers and out-of-town tourists.

So, now, before wasting any more of our taxes in deciding to go back 35 years in time, and worse actually spending a projected additional $100,000, I’m wondering why not just spend nothing instead, and not have to spend another $100,000 (and more) to return traffic back to one-way eventually for the very same reasons in another 35 years.

A foreign sage once famously said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Sounds a lot like Water Street in Augusta.

Richard Hyatt


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