I am writing in support of Jeremy Pare for state representative in Hallowell, Manchester, and West Gardiner. I am Jeremy’s sister-in-law, married to his wife’s brother for almost 20 years.

As a retired Maine state trooper, I have always looked forward to discussing political topics with Jeremy, wanting to hear his thoughts. He is incredibly intelligent and has a unique way of explaining some of these topics in a way the rest of us can truly understand.

Jeremy is very kind and patient, and he truly cares about the individuals in his community and what he can do personally to make their lives better.

In this day and age where you see politicians either go far right or far right and no longer want to meet in the middle to talk, I see Jeremy doing just this and encouraging others to do the same.

Please vote for Pare on June 12.

Laurie L. Northrup

West Gardiner

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