After years of an anemic economic recovery we are reaching a time of record employment for all workers and a sense that America and Maine are finally on the move again. The upcoming election is an opportunity to choose the direction of our country and state.

The agendas of conservatives and liberals are far apart. One side is choosing a path of socialism — a system in which individuals surrender their rights for the good of the collective and “free” stuff. This thinking has resulted in an accumulation of government debt and unfunded liability of over $1 million for every taxpayer (an IOU for your newborn).

The other side wants to return to a constitutional republic — a system in which citizens’ rights are protected and individuals are free to pursue their dreams, a system in which they are free to make the choices to shape their success (or failure), the system that originally made America great.

History has not been kind to people who surrender their rights for promises that they will be taken care of. Consider the history of Russia, Germany, and Italy, and in the present Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela —all are failing and their citizens are losing their freedoms, and in some cases their lives.

The belief and differences between the left and right are stark. In short, you can choose the freedom of the individual, or you can surrender to the power of the government. Historically, communist, socialist, and totalitarian governments have ended very badly, and there is no reason to believe that will change. Think about this in the coming election — do you want to surrender your power to the government for promises of free stuff, or do you want to protect freedom for yourself and your children?

Joseph Grant


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