I just finished watching the Democratic Governors Association advertisement about the state of Maine schools. The ad features outtakes of Shawn Moody speaking about “overfunding of Maine schools.” It is time Maine enacted the first-in-the-nation Truth in Political Advertising Law.

We have see the anti-bear hunting groups show horrendous videos of hunting practices not allowed or used in Maine to attack this state’s best-in-the-world black bear management program and advance an agenda that is ignorant and unreasonable. Now, we must watch completely bogus and unsubstantiated videos of Maine schools used to undermine a candidate’s message.

I challenge the producer of this ad to give evidence of schools that appear in such disrepair. Such unsubstantiated and ridiculous ads should be punishable by a 10-year moratorium on the producer’s right to advertise or influence elections in Maine. Certainly, both major parties would benefit from the banning of totally non-factual advertisements, and both would have more disposable income if they did not have to rebut fallacious, inaccurate ads.

If these school photos are actually open, active schools in Maine, I will volunteer time and financial resources to rectify these situations. I do not believe any of these photos to be accurate. I am disgusted. Liberals and conservatives in Maine, you should be ashamed. I am not a supporter nor a detractor of Shawn Moody or any other candidate at this time. Maine has always done better and now deserves better.

Jay Mooney


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