Eric Brakey, Angus King, and Zak Ringelstein are candidates for U.S. Senate. Brakey, an ultra-right libertarian, is subservient to PACs, wishes to severely dismantle government institutions, create socially unsustainable budget cuts and to implement extremist free-market policies that will certainly lead us to another massive recession.

King is not much better. He rakes in thousands of dollars in donations from the military industrial complex, impairing his ability to make unbiased votes regarding American foreign policy. King also voted to confirm one of President Donald Trump’s historically criminal, unqualified Cabinet picks.

King cosponsored a bill that gives snowflake protections to student loan recipient cosigners while massively deregulating banks, enabling them to commit unethical activity. Ringelstein is running on a social justice platform, refuses big-money donors, supports the implementation of Medicare for all, and has a community-oriented plan for dealing with the opioid addiction crisis. Vote for justice.

Noah Robidoux


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