Well, let’s get this out there right away. Brett Kavanaugh shouldn’t be confirmed for the Supreme Court. Even if he’s telling the truth, which I don’t believe, his histrionics during the hearing should disqualify him. Honestly, if a woman did that she’d be laughed out of the hearing room.

But, there’s something equally important here that needs to be addressed, and it’s something that all of us guys know about. It’s about young men drinking to excess, groping women in front of their friends, claiming sexual exploits that we never had, and then bragging about it either in our yearbooks (my generation) or on Facebook (now). And it’s almost considered a rite of passage, enabled with phrases like “boys will be boys.” It’s a kind of initiation into the cool guys’ club.

Well, guys, this kind of behavior has got to stop.

Exploiting women, either as high school students or adults, so we can join the “cool guys” club is unacceptable. Which brings me back to Kavanaugh. Excerpts from his high school yearbook paint just such a picture, a guy trying to impress others with his alcohol and sexual adventures. Confirming him will continue to justify behavior that has been hurting women for years. Women have been fighting this battle for years, with little progress. Guys, it’s our turn now. We’re better than this.

Bruce Olson


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