The 129th Maine Legislature will have a myriad of bills to consider in their effort to better our state. While many of these are your run-of-the-mill laws aimed toward economic stimulation, one unique piece of legislation may help Maine’s image abroad and, therefore, its economy.

Proposed by Rep. Janice Cooper, D-Yarmouth, L.D. 687, “An Act to Restore the Former State of Maine Flag,” might help spur economic activity in Maine.

Maine has an image. We are portrayed as a rural “Vacationland” nestled along the coast, away from the bustle of the busy cities which sprawl across the United States. We are the last outpost of simple living, surrounded by sparkling lakes and deep forests. We are distinct.

However, we lack a unifying symbol which we could rally around domestically and also spread the image of Maine across the country.

Some states, and many American cities, have adopted unmistakable flags that positively portray their characteristics and are recognizable at first sight. There are few Americans who would not recognize the unique design of Colorado’s flag or the striking power of Chicago’s city flag. These flags serve as a rallying point for their citizens, but also as a symbol their carry with them as they travel within the United States and across the world.

Maine is unique and we deserve a flag that represents us. The simple pine tree, a nod to our nickname as the “Pine Tree State,” and the blue star symbolizing our motto “Dirigo,” would serve us well as we continue to improve our tourism industry and seek to diversify our economy to be more competitive on the American stage.


Matt Bourque

South China

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