It’s not easy to understand why Charles M. Todorich so thoroughly admires Donald Trump (“Why Do Conservatives Overlook Trump’s faults? He fights,” column, Feb. 11).

How could any person who believes in Judeo-Christian values consider it a “win” to separate babies from mothers at the border? How could he find Trump’s traits like lying, philandering and racism anything but deplorable?

Todorich is somehow blinded to the fact that whatever winnings he attributes to Trump came with damage to and destruction of our relationships with other countries around the world. Trump leaves behind a trail of damage to our country we may never recover from, like the cost of unmitigated global warming. Trump is a global warming denier.

In addition, he is laughed at in the United Nations for his egotistical narcissism and is easily manipulated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He fails to understand that he is being played by North Korean President Kim Jong Un. He disregards counsel by those in government with years of experience and instead choses billionaire cronies for his cabinet.

Trump considers himself smarter than military leaders and spontaneously makes decisions that threaten the security of our forces in foreign nations. Trump is wholly ignorant of governing. He is not the great negotiator he claims to be.

Todorich is counted among the less than 40 percent that find Trump a winner.

Jim Chiddix


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