In response to the article “Vintage-inspired flag gets positive reviews” (March 4), I am totally opposed to spending one dime of taxpayer money on exploring any change to the state flag. Is this really a burning issue of our time? Shouldn’t we be focused on which flavor of the chickadee should be the state bird (I would vote for the more prolific black fly) or which time zone we should use on odd-numbered days.

Perhaps we would be better served by giving all residents their own nonprofit (almost there) or require all cars to have full service spare snow tires filled with winter air.

Other worthy candidates include changing the wording on highway welcome signs (again) to something like “Maine – Nothing Too Trivial,” or stopping all efforts to have the worst local roads in the USA (We’re already there).

I’m sure it is all well intentioned, but that doesn’t mean the Legislature needs to act on ideas that don’t materially improve the lives of its citizens. So let’s stop paving the road to hell and do some much needed paving work of a different kind.


Tom Parrilli


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