One has only to look at the map of the Electoral College to know how important it is to the stable health of our country. The founders of our country knew it, and all people in America who believe in their freedoms know it also.

This system has worked very well for over 230 years. It has enabled less populated states like Maine, Vermont, Wyoming and North Dakota to have equal voting power with more populated states like New York, Florida and California.

In the last election, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by only 3 million votes. These votes came from an area in New York that is only 319 square miles across. That is out of a total of about 4 million square miles in America.

Why should 319 square miles decide who our president will be? They would love it if we turned our vote over to them and went away. But we won’t. We will be heard, and we will vote.


Diane Vernesoni


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