When is enough enough? If we continue on the path we are heading, the threat to our democracy is greater each day. Who ever heard of a sitting president having rallies and only allowing his base to attend while he spews his poisonous venom and lies? He gets more emboldened every day. Something has to be done. He envies dictators from Russia and North Korea.

Who ever heard of a president and his family running this country. This is unprecedented. Taking children from their parents at the border and putting them in detention camps is terrible.

President Trump has been fixated with this border wall, and everything else going on in the world doesn’t matter. He takes away money that has already been appropriated by Congress to pay for his wall. I though that Mexico was going to pay for this fiasco.

How much longer are the Republicans going to back him? When are they going to jump off his sinking ship?

All this partisan politics has to end. We have to do what’s right for this country.


Thomas Lohnes

China Village

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