This letter is in response to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signing of The Reproductive Health Act and Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s description of a hypothetical situation during an abortion.

I want to be a voice for these precious unborn babies who have no legal rights or protection. An abortion is brutal and inhumane. It is a painful and brutal process.

Why is it that we are convicted and sent to prison for the murder of any other human except for the murder of our most helpless and most needy humans, the little lives in the womb? It doesn’t make any sense, does it?

We see the ultrasound of our loved one’s unborn child. We see him sucking his fist, exercising his arms and legs and we say, “It is amazing!”

What is amazing? The infant’s moving life is amazing. We no longer have an excuse of ignorance with this modern technology.

But God is still a loving God and He is still willing to forgive those who have had an abortion and those who have participated in abortions. Psalm 103:11 says, “For as the Heaven’s are high above the earth, so great is His mercy toward those who fear (respect) Him.”


Leona Rodrigue


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