Holy cow people, get a grip. A trivial sports mascot should not be such a high priority. I’m not going to lie — the people trying so hard to save the Skowhegan “Indian” are kind of coming off a tad ridiculous here.

Maybe this is just the canary in the coal mine moment for them to take a step back and think intrinsically as to what is really important.

I’m no expert, but I think the priority list should go as follows: 1. Your family, 2. Your health, 3. Your job, 4. What’s for dinner …

1,956,397. What your school mascot is.

Stanford’s mascot is a darn tree. Let that sink in — a darn cartoon-looking tree. And they are doing OK, still a respected institution, the last time I checked.

It’s time to move on — the world around you has.


Ross Hart


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