Veterans sacrifice their lives every day so we can have freedom. When veterans come back home many have sustained emotional and physical injuries that affect what they can do for jobs and what they can do in a normal day. 

However, they often have problems with health care. They wait in line just like us, but they need and deserve faster medical attention and need some help to transition to civilian life. We have VA hospitals, but they are few in number and veterans sometimes have to travel many miles to reach them, which adds cost.

We either need more of these hospitals or we need to allow them to go to other hospitals to receive their care without additional cost. The government isn’t helping them much, according to the website For Many Injured Veterans, A Lifetime of Consequences: 52% of veterans say that the government isn’t willing to give these veterans the help they need. If the government won’t help, we must change that.

I thank you for reading this, and I hope you lobby to get some of these things done. Always remember that these men and women served our country. We should pay them back for their service.

Troy Hachy

Grade 8

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