Recently, our president made a call-in to a meeting of Pennsylvania GOP diehards hosting Rudy Giuliani and company. This group is pushing the unsubstantiated conspiracy of a rigged election. The president encouraged them, insisting yet again that he won and that Democrats cheated. He characterized his opponents as horrible people who hate their country.

So this is how it will be. Denial until the end, even when those allegations have not held up under scrutiny in court. The judge in Pennsylvania made clear in his dismissal of Trump’s case that “this court has been presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusation …and not supported by evidence.”

Trump’s own cyber security czar Chris Krebs insisted the 2020 elections were the most secure in our nations history. (Krebs was fired the next day).

It’s dangerous, however, to discount the magnitude of our president’s delusional utterances with, “Oh, that’s just Trump.” Keeping a close eye on him and his enablers is vital, especially now. Ignoring their undermining influence is not an option yet. The president remains an outsized risk as a saboteur, and his supporters are listening intently.

When Trump boasted during that Pennsylvania call-in that, “We won by a lot,” it reminded me of the how our president insisted he won the popular vote in 2016, too. Do you remember how his cries of fraud never amounted to anything? It was all hot air.

So, knowing what we know now about this president and about ourselves, he must not be allowed to normalize even one more delusional statement. We need to interrupt and call out his chronic falsehoods and declare to the the world and to ourselves that the spell is finally broken.

George Mason

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