I can think of no better person to contribute to decision making for the children of Winthrop than Alicia Lawson. Why?

1. Alicia has amazing integrity. She is honest, and loyal, and it runs deep. A seeker of truth, she is always researching, questioning, and is exactly who we need as the voice of reason on the Winthrop School Committee.

2. Education has always been a priority in Alicia’s life. She doesn’t ever stop learning. She continues to take classes in areas that are of interest to her. Her children share the love of learning, and they are constantly seeking opportunities to explore, study and grow their minds.

3. She puts the needs of children first. When one of her five children presented the need to be homeschooled, she took on that responsibility and put his needs first. I have no doubt this concern will trickle down to the children in the Winthrop school district.

Write in “Alicia Lawson” for Winthrop Board of Education on Nov. 2.


Laura Dubreuil


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