I am surprised that more people have not written in about the PUC allowing CMP to increase their rates by 83% starting Jan. 1, 2022, or the start of the coldest months of the year in Maine. I haven’t seen my first bill yet but guarantee it will be much more then I paid in December of 2021.

Gee, has anyone filled their oil tanks in the last two months? Surprise! Surprise! And now CMP is allowed to pass along their “cost of operating expense” to the consumer?

Is the PUC on the payroll of CMP? It cost me $775 to fill my tank in late October and that took a great deal of my little savings I had. What is CMP going to do to us while we struggle through the coldest months of 2022? Making money, is what they will be doing.

Letters to the PUC are in order, and not kind ones. Let’s let them know that they work for us, not CMP.



Norman L. Mitchell Sr.


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