I often wonder if God is aware of everything happening down here on Earth. I guess that presupposes an up there and down here mentality.

In the past, I believed that heaven was way up there beyond the clouds. Then, I accepted that down here was Earth with traffic jams, drive-by shootings, and climate change.

However, I am a bit wiser now. I understand that there is no difference between locations. God knows them both. God cares enough to be involved. The universe was not created, then spun off into the distance without divine supervision or intervention. The awareness of God is incomprehensible to people. We cannot see the entire picture involving time, space, and eternity. What we can see is limited by time and space, which is why we think God is absent. Yet Scriptures affirm the continual Presence of God in the daily and the Infinite matters of life. look beyond your moment.

Listen louder than existence. Can you hear God now? God is aware and present more than we ever realize.


James Weathersby


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