I’m used to being on the front lines. I served our country as a proud member of the U.S. Marine Corps during Operation Desert Storm and made sure the lights stayed on during the pandemic as a lineman for Central Maine Power. Each presented very different challenges yet both required careful planning by skilled technicians and a trust that others did their jobs so I could carry out mine safely.

Don’t expect anything like that from Pine Tree Power, even though it’ll cost us more than $10 billion. The Question 3 referendum provides no plan to ensure the reliability of our electric grid and nothing about continuing the investments necessary to take on more renewable energy.

Scarier still, a board of partisan politicians will be elected to make all the decisions about Pine Tree Power and our electricity. There’s a good chance several will know nothing about the grid or renewables but that won’t stop them.

This doesn’t sit well with me. Look at what’s happening right now in Washington. Do we really think a group of politicians could ever come up with, let alone agree on, a utility plan that’s strategic rather than self-serving? And, do we trust them to keep our grid and front-line workers safe? My answer to each of those questions: Absolutely not!

If you had the same response, it’s imperative you join me in voting no on Question 3 in November.


George Marston


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