Hallowell is very fortunate to have two excellent candidates running for mayor. I will be voting for George Lapointe for three reasons: He makes time and has the skills to listen to people, he is able to build consensus, and he shows up.

George’s presence at the Mayor’s Table at the Saturday Farmer’s Market is one way that he makes himself available to listen to citizen’s concerns. I’ve seen people sit down and freely talk because they know he is paying attention and listening without judgement.

Passing the Land Management Ordinance is testament to his ability to build consensus. For over two years property owners, environmentalists, physicians and lawn care companies debated the use of synthetic chemicals on lawns and property. George guided the ordinance through public meetings, hearings and many council meetings. In the end, all sides compromised and, under George’s leadership, the ordinance passed unanimously.

Last of all, George shows up, whether climbing a ladder in the midst of a storm to tie down a wobbly library window, or showing up week after week to join the Granite City Park working group.

George has shown his dedication to Hallowell and its citizens. He has my vote.


Karen Simpson


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