I encourage fellow Democrats to support Bruce White for the Maine Legislature. His pro-business, good-government approach is what Waterville needs. As your former representative and senator, I wholeheartedly endorse Bruce. Here’s why.

I met Bruce in the 1990s during the closure of Kimberly Clark. He lost his job, but Bruce didn’t spend time bemoaning his situation. He went about finding a new job and preparing his family for change.

I was impressed with the way he managed this life-changing event. Bruce worked hard over months, receiving extensive “new economy” training. His efforts eventually secured him a job in the computer field.

Bruce is admired for his “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” story. His experience made him an advocate for more effective programs to help people. He is impressive indeed. Bruce White deserves your vote.

Ken Gagnon

former Waterville legislator


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