Sen. Susan Collins portrays herself as a thoughtful, independent, middle-of-the-road, pro-choice Republican. Her convoluted efforts to rationalize her support for Brett Kavanaugh clearly reveal the hypocrisy of that portrayal.

Kavanaugh has made it clear both by word and judicial decisions that he is far to the right of mainstream thought on most issues and absolutely opposed to abortion. Additionally he has shown himself willing to ignore legal precedent in some of his decisions. President Donald Trump has made it clear that he will only appoint justices willing to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Kavanaugh has also shown himself, in his past confirmation hearing testimony and in the current round of confirmation testimony, willing to lie if it furthers his own personal interests.

For Collins to ignore this man’s record and state that she’s going to rely on his assurance he will absolutely respect legal precedent is either the height of folly or reflects an effort at hypocritical fence-straddling typical of unprincipled politicians and party hacks.

Support for Kavanaugh is not thoughtful — though it may be good political calculus. It is not independent, middle-of-the-road, or pro-choice.

I frequently disagree with Collins, but now she is losing my respect.

Keith Hutchison, M.D.


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