During the Clarence Thomas hearings, I remember being furious that the all-male Senate Judiciary Committee didn’t choose to differentiate between the weight of Anita Hill’s witnesses, who gave testimony corroborating her story, and Thomas’ witnesses, who did not give evidence supporting his version of Hill’s sexual harassment claim but instead merely testified that he was a nice guy.

The same thing happened at the Kavanagh hearings. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony has been corroborated in several ways: her therapist’s notes from 2012, when she first spoke about the attempted rape; her husband naming Kavanaugh; Kavanaugh’s date book listing a group of friends he visited on July 1, which included Blasey Ford’s boyfriend at the time; and his yearbook page.

Faced with such credible evidence of the attempted rape charge, Kavanagh did what Thomas had done 27 years earlier — he went on the offensive. And Senate Republicans, whose hired prosecutor could not poke holes in Ford’s testimony, angrily blamed Democrats.

The evidence supporting Ford’s testimony carries more weight than the evidence given by Kavanaugh and his supporters. Plus, his anger and partisanship have no place on the court.

I hope senators have learned something over the last 27 years. If not, there’s always the election on Nov. 6.

Dale McCormick


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