Do not disregard the serious implications of the legal case surrounding President Donald Trump and emoluments — and former Gov. Paul LePage’s involvement (“Maine paid for 40 rooms at Trump hotel for LePage, staff,” Feb. 17).

LePage has been subpoenaed in the federal lawsuit, and his response on WGAN radio was intentional as a basis to avoid personal responsibility despite his repeated attempts to curry favor with the Trump administration (“LePage denies knowing he paid up to $1,100 a night at Trump hotel,” Feb. 18).

Also of clear concern is on what basis was the freedom of information request blocked for two years by LePage.

LePage is personally involved in a federal lawsuit matter and his attempt to blame a staff member is a clear indication of deflection. I for one truly hope that the citizens of Maine are not liable for any legal costs that our former governor might incur because of his decisions to repeatedly stay at Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. We paid enough already.


Michael Grove


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