I am greatly disturbed by the television ads accusing Sara Gideon of adjourning the Maine House of Representatives in March of this year and doing nothing for the people of Maine for six months. It was COVID-19 that closed the Legislature as well as many businesses and state offices. Furthermore, legislative Republicans did not want to reconvene because they wanted to hold campaign fundraisers, which are prohibited during the legislative session.

Democrats twice voted unanimously to reconvene to do the public’s business, but Republicans would not even meet to vote on the issue. As a result, very important bills cannot be acted upon and implemented.

I am very disappointed in Sen. Collins who authorized these more than misleading campaign ads. Sen. Collins understands the legislative process and the circumstances that surrounded the adjournment of the Legislature last March. If nothing else, these campaign ads are highly unethical and raise disturbing questions about Sen. Collins’ integrity.


Edward Potter


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