I first met a person named Phil at a Waterville business. His warm demeanor made one notice him and want to engage.

Later, at the Black Lives Matter event, outsiders began yelling negative comments. Many of us rose to confront. But Phil firmly said, “Stop. These people have a right to their opinion. Let’s not forget why we are here.” A voice of reason, preventing a confrontational situation from escalating.

Recently, I began seeing “Bofia for Mayor” signs across Waterville. I looked up “Bofia” on Facebook and there was Phil. In a post, he praised the values of a boy he met selling iced tea to help his mom. I later met the boy, who asked, “Do you know my friend, Phil Bofia?” I smiled and said, “Yes!”

My own experiences with Phil Bofia reveal his noble leadership skills. He has my vote.

Do you know my friend, Phil?


Jeanine Deas


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