On Jan. 6, a partisan stunt will unfold in Washington, D.C., during the counting of Electoral College votes. Since our president has not conceded the election, this may be the last opportunity for Trump loyalists to demonstrate their allegiance in a high-profile way. They can do this by objecting to the certified state totals. By appearing to stand with the president they garner support from his MAGA base, even though objections will not save Trump from eventually being declared the loser of the 2020 election. The prime objective of this exercise will be to manufacture and propel forward an atmosphere of doubt that undermines the legitimacy of the incoming administration.

I note that 60 cases related to the election have come before judges and the Supreme Court, with many Trump appointees officiating, and these cases have been dismissed. Yet cries of fraud continue in the rumor mill — the only place where such allegations could persist, given that each claim has already been shown to be unsupported by the evidence when placed under scrutiny in a court of law.

But it is a sad and dangerous day when one group refuses to accept the legitimacy of an opposing candidate who actually won. Seeking to retain power at any cost is undemocratic and unpatriotic.

I need to ask my community; Is there a desire to pull together? Is there goodwill that we can marshal, or has the momentum of division made dysfunction the norm and suspicion more comforting than cultivating trust?

How do we move forward if someone’s goal is simply to sow division rather than seek solutions? In such a situation no conversation will bear fruit.

Those participating in Wednesday’s political theater are a case in point. Reasoning with them is a fool’s errand.

George Mason

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