When will the press take into consideration the 90% of Mainers who do not hunt and stop glorifying the killing of Maine’s wildlife? When will the press stop encouraging the killing of Maine’s wildlife by giving those who kill it free publicity?

Killing is nothing to be proud of. It’s too bad that the young lady who killed the bear, moose, turkey and deer within a six-month period didn’t spend her time on constructive activities such as working to educate others about the importance of our wildlife (“Benton girl, 16, completes big game ‘grand slam’ in 6 months,” Dec. 20).

It’s unfortunate that she was brainwashed at an early age to kill. I hope that by the time she becomes an adult she will have tired of killing and will focus on preserving our wildlife and the habitat it needs to survive and thrive.


John Glowa

South China

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