The latest attempted travesty of power by our sitting president has me very committed now. As an unaffiliated and serious voter, I have watched as political zombies and the deeply funded PACs that maintain them continue their assault on our constitutional democracy, calling its destruction some sort of “defense of freedom.”

There are some places in the world that have that kind of “freedom,” like Belarus and its clones, where oligarchs rule over Democracies-In-Name-Only. Since the most egregious offenses continue to be conducted in the name of the Republican Party, I will not be casting my vote for any candidate with an “R” next to their name.

I would encourage Republicans I deeply respect, such as Augusta state Reps. Justin Fecteau and Matt Pouliot, to seriously consider running as independent candidates. In Maine there is still enough common sense prevailing for a politician who is truly interested in serving all his or her constituents to run on their actual record, as opposed to relying on buckets of mud money.  Sen. Angus King is a shining example we can offer the entire nation.

I have no use for a party whose standards of “party loyalty” demand actions that violate the very constitutional procedures and norms the elected officials swore to defend.

John R. Seksay

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