Midterm elections are here. Usually, “It’s the economy stupid,” but this election it is more than that. Democracy is on the ballot. Following Trump’s nod to Q-Anon at a recent rally, the Republican Party is now solidly the platform of crackpots and quackery. Most Republicans continue to be all in on Trump’s “stolen election” con. Under the Republican mantel, hundreds of election deniers are candidates for public office and are also poised countrywide for positions in our election’s infrastructure. Popular sovereignty — i.e., one person, one vote, majority rule, free and fair elections — will be replaced by Republican operatives willing to change election outcomes to favor their candidates.

The Republican Party is now home for disinformation, blow-hard opinionism, and outlandish conspiracy theories, and has openly endorsed violence as “legitimate political discourse.” “Alternative facts” rule. What are they? Anything Trump says, regardless of basis in truth or facts; everything else is “fake news.” People who fall in line are true patriots; the rest of us are enemies of the people.

Republicans are lining up for the revenge tour with lists of people to go after for daring to question Trumps’ integrity and potential criminality. This may be something but it’s not democracy. This Republican Party is a prelude to authoritarianism and fascism. No mistake about it: a vote for any Republican in this election is a vote down this slippery slope. They either support it or are too afraid to openly stand against it. Most who did lost in their primary challenges to Trump endorsed lackeys.

Are you sure you want our country to go this route? Certainly, the economy is important, but this is existential. So, what’s it going to be folks? Democracy, or this other thing the Republican Party has become? The choice is clear. Vote blue.


Roy Estabrook

North Monmouth

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