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Saturday August 30, 2014
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Letters to the Editor
  • August 29, 2014

    President drops bombs in Iraq, won’t secure US border

    Here we go again, dropping bombs halfway around the world in Iraq to protect our country from terrorists. I wish some liberal politician would explain why the president refuses to work with the conservatives in Congress to secure our nation’s southern border and protect the homeland? I’d be very interested in the reply, and I’m […]

  • August 29, 2014

    Key oil tanker problem is lack of new pipelines

    From an engineering, environmental and economic standpoint, the Aug. 21 editorial, “US lags in dealing with danger of oil tank cars” concerning oil tank cars, ignores the key problem. In recent years, thousands of new tank cars have been built and put in service because environmental opposition has delayed construction of new pipelines. Pipeline tariffs […]

  • August 29, 2014

    Bear baiting is not hunting, it’s premeditated killing

    I am an advocate for the right to bear arms. A longtime hunter, I have been selected three times for a Maine moose permit. Baiting a bear, however, is not hunting nor is it a sport. Feeding a hungry animal and waiting to kill it is not a sport. Knowing where and when the kill […]

  • August 29, 2014

    Other, more meaningful ways LePage could help seniors

    In Gov. Paul LePage’s current re-election TV ad, he praises himself for providing a few seniors with extra money. He states this was done by eliminating sales tax on “retirement home” meals. Then he smirks. A “tell” is an action that tells you what someone is thinking, even if that person doesn’t know it themselves, […]

  • August 29, 2014

    Another Marine from Maine saved by atomic bombs

    I was one of the Marines saved by the atomic bombs dropped on Japan. I was a technical sergeant in a huge (they said that there were 579 ships) convoy getting ready for invasion when the bombs were dropped, and I was one of the first Marines that went into Sasebo, Japan as part of […]

  • August 28, 2014

    Cutler would lead Maine to what we want it to be

    Many from all parties agree that Eliot Cutler would lead Maine to what we want, jobs, less taxes and a rational government, but each side is so against the other’s candidate that we are headed to elect someone that a great majority of us don’t want. Folks are lining up to vote out of fear […]

  • August 28, 2014

    Collins’ support for Maine residents is remarkable

    Sen. Susan Collins has served Maine constituents well during her tenure in Washington. She has been successful in securing jobs for Bath Iron Works and other companies. Her continued support for individuals in Maine is remarkable. Collins’ staff is available to help with constituent difficulties, be it the IRS, out-of-control collection agencies, veteran issues, or […]

  • August 28, 2014

    Commission looking at education costs, distribution

    All Maine taxpayers, particularly folks concerned with equity and quality of Maine public education, must pay attention to questions before the Commission to Strengthen the Adequacy and Equity of Certain Cost Components of the School Funding Formula. Fourteen education leaders — both elected officials and representatives from professional education associations, the Department of Education and […]

  • August 27, 2014

    Lachowicz does her best to support needs of Maine people

    I support re-electing Colleen Lachowicz, D-Waterville, for Senate District 16, which includes Albion, Benton, Clinton, Fairfield, Unity Township, Waterville and Winslow in Kennebec County. Colleen is an effective senator who served admirably as chairwoman of the Local and County Government Committee and as a member of the Health and Human Services Committee. Her experience providing […]

  • August 27, 2014

    Pouliot’s work has earned him another term in House

    I have been very impressed with the work of Augusta Republican Rep. Matt Pouliot in his first term in the Maine Legislature. Working across the aisle to solve the biggest problems in our community and our state, he has without a doubt earned another term. Pouliot was a tireless advocate for fixing Mount Vernon Avenue […]

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