Here is an excerpt from remarks made by Sen. Susan Collins in 2016: “My conclusion about Mr. Trump being unsuitable for the office of president is based on his disregard for the precept of treating others with respect and his constant stream of cruel, dehumanizing, abusive comments that should transcend politics.”

My disappointment is in Congress for their silence on the president’s lack of civility, and the dehumanizing and mocking comments of people not like him.

I share the following racist statements and actions that point to a dark picture of this administration, a few of many.

Donald Trump says we don’t need immigrants infesting our country. He pardoned a sheriff convicted of racial profiling and abusive prison conditions. He forcibly separated young children from families along the border, an irreparable trauma, then set up “tent cities” with chain-link cages in secluded deserts, a 2018 Internment camp.

He stated KKK protesters are “very fine people.” He endorsed Senate candidates with ties to white nationalists, He called black NFL players who protest against police brutality SOBs.

Do these examples point to a white nationalist theme? Is the U.S. moving to a nation of only white people?


Sen. Collins has high moral standards and it behooves her to continue to stand in the limelight and showcase her moral standards. I am asking Collins to speak up on these issues that are an affront to our core democratic values.

Collins is one of the highest-ranking members and is a very powerful and very respected member. Maine needs to hear her voice.

Cheryl Clukey


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