In the New England Power Generators’ column about the New England Clean Energy Connect (“CMP project won’t benefit Maine,” July 12), fossil fuel industry representative Dan Dolan maintains that the project will have no environmental benefit. This is inaccurate.

Central Maine Power’s NECEC project will deliver millions of additional non-emitting megawatts to the Northeast, leaving carbon emissions only one way to go, and that’s down. Across the New England states, emissions will be cut by over 3 million tons, the equivalent of taking close to 900,000 cars off the roads.

Over the past 15 years, Maine’s partner to the north has been preparing for increased clean energy needs by building new power plants — enough to supply roughly five million New England homes — and is in the process of making its existing ones more efficient. Thanks to this approach, Hydro-Québec has clean energy ready for its neighbours today. However, transmission availability is an essential factor. Better grid integration is needed in order to send that added clean energy and reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Environmental gains aren’t NECEC’s only benefit. The new partnership between New England and Quebec also makes sense financially. This large quantity of energy is stably — and competitively — priced over the long term, which will be helpful when extreme weather pushes natural gas and other energy prices through the roof because of high demand. Maine consumers will share in the savings — estimated to be over $40 million annually — and get the benefit of cleaner air. The Maine Public Utilities Commission’s own expert consultant confirmed that Maine will see benefits in each of those categories.

It is without question the NECEC will serve the greater interests of the people throughout the region for a very long time.

Lynn St-Laurent


Hydro Quebec

strategic communications advisor

public affairs and media relations


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