President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court will likely have some part in ruling on the Mueller investigation. Who better for Trump in this regard than Brett Kavanaugh, who in the past has declared unequivocally his belief that sitting presidents are immune from any investigation into the morality or criminality of their actions?

If Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell infamously blocked President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court choice, Merrick Garland, for an entire year supposedly because of an upcoming election, then Trump’s ability to choose the next justice should be disallowed not only for that same reason — the November elections — but because Kavanaugh’s nomination is directly and purposefully in Trump’s self-interest (as is everything else this man does). This is not a valid reason for a judicial nomination.

And in regard to a woman’s right to choose, the specific question that should be asked of any Supreme Court nominee is, Do you accept the settled precedent of Roe v. Wade?

Frank Zimbardi


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