Wow. So sorry to hear that a few morons may ruin this great service for all of us (“Ecomaine paper, plastic recycling is jeopardized by everything from old sneakers to lobster shells,” July 22).

Here’s one idea — perhaps have a city employee stand guard just a few hours a week when it’s estimated that dropoff is highest to educate and maybe look at the leavings. Sort of like what I do part-time manning a boat launch — inspecting boats, and educating people about milfoil, hydrilla, water chestnut, other hideous invasive aquatic plants. Except this time it’s invasive trash.

Or just put more signs up stating what’s permitted.

And thanks to the city for putting the recycling bins out. It’s much easier for almost all of us than putting those little buckets out once a month; one can plan a trip to Shaw’s or elsewhere with recycling dropoff. We only need to do this every two months or so.

Ted Elliott


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