Follow these three news stories to see how Gov. Paul LePage’s views on providing information to the public have changed over time:

“The transition to a new administration will be the most transparent in Maine’s history, LePage said Friday.” (Kennebec Journal, Nov. 6, 2010)

“When Gov. Paul LePage ran in 2010, his campaign website promised ‘he will fight for stronger laws to protect and expand Maine citizens’ right to access information from state and local government.'” (Emily Grannis, The News Media and the Law, 2013)

“Gov. Paul LePage’s administration is moving forward without legislative approval or appropriated funding on plans to build a new one-story residence on the Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center campus in Bangor … Florida-based Correct Care’s push to prevent full disclosure of its staffing and cost proposals comes as the LePage administration remains silent on the governor’s latest plan, including how the residence will be staffed and how the state will pay for it in years to come.” (Kennebec Journal, Aug. 13)

Frank O’Hara


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