There used to be a kitten season, a time of year when animal shelters were in greater need of supplies. This pattern, this cycle, is no more.

Shelters are experiencing an unrelenting need for materials to care for their kittens and new kitty mamas — kitten and adult cat food, old towels and sheets, cat litter and cleaning supplies.

PALS, a no-kill cat shelter in Winthrop, and other local animal shelters are easy to contact and visit. Additionally, they have information about spaying and neutering that is easily shareable on social media platforms.

Furry friends are also members of our communities and animal shelters play a crucial role in caring for them. Remembering your local animal shelter the next time you are looking to give back or do some good is a simple and straightforward way to make the hard work of caretaking a little easier and make the lives of four-legged buddies a little more comfortable.

Also, you get to rid yourself of your old towels and sheets. There is no downside.

Adriana Ortiz-Burnham


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