“Where mystery begins, Justice ends.” Words of England’s statesman, Edmund Burke, 1729-1797, that cry out today regarding the ongoing judicial delay in rendering justice to the 4-year old girl sexually assaulted by her baby sitter, Eric Bard, more than five years ago (“Kennebec County DA admonished for meeting with judge,” May 20).

The defendant in that case pled guilty — and was convicted and sentenced to 50 years in August 2014 — but said conviction was set aside by Maine’s Supreme Judicial Court because of a lopsided conversation between District Attorney Meaghan Maloney and Superior Court Justice Donald Marden without defense counsel present.

Defendant’s retrial is postponed, pending disposition by the panel having jurisdiction of the misdeeds of the judge. The group processing the lawyer’s doings has rendered its report — detailed on media front pages —admonishment. Time’s up. This pot was stirred by two spoons.

The subject victim of sexual abuse — 4 years old at the time — is now about 11 years of age and will likely be in her teens when all is said and done. Travesty at a shameful level.

Given the passage of weeks since Maloney’s panel met, heard the matter, and released her from the woodshed, what’s the status of the referenced judge’s case?

After all, his order that Maloney come to his chambers and answer questions started this mess. Why wasn’t the judge paddled first?


The tremendous travesty is denial of justice to the girl and her family. She’s hopefully able to put away what happened. But Edmund Burke would be atop a soap box, if alive today.


John Benoit


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