Real Mainers are working hard to stop Central Maine Power’s destruction of their forests for profit. The company that owns CMP, Avangrid, cares only about shareholder equity. Sandi Howard and her group No CMP Corridor have been working hard to give us a vote on this important issue. We are Mainers and this destruction of our forestland will leave an ugly scar that never heals for all generations to come. NECEC is not a “good deal” for Maine!

One hundred and forty miles or so of “scorched earth” style destruction? Is this what Mainers really want? Do they really want all this just to port electricity to Massachusetts? Those nice folks need power too, but do we need to destroy Maine to provide it to them? The answer is decidedly no! There are other viable options! They have been clearly stated!

Won’t there be thousands of great new jobs for Mainers? Nope, Avangrid is already hiring lots of out-of-state workers. We all see the trucks pouring into our state and we know why they are here — they are not planting trees.

Can Mainers trust CMP to manage a project correctly and successfully anymore? If their smart meter or billing system projects are any indication, the answer is once again no. Customers wonder if their bills will ever be fair and correct. Those less fortunate wonder if their power will be cut off in the middle of winter. CMP cannot be trusted.

This grassroots effort must succeed against huge foreign corporations or Maine, as Mainers know it, will be lost. We should never implement such a destructive project without Mainers having a say. Let us get this on the ballot once and for all and let Mainers decide.

Steve Greve


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