It is unfortunate that the Morning Sentinel could not have taken the “high road” like former City Manager Mike Roy, Councilor Sydney Mayhew and Erik Thomas in regards to Mayor Nick Isgro’s six years of devotion to the city of Waterville (“Former Waterville mayor Isgro reports ‘full retirement from politics’ after tenure marked by progress, controversy,” Jan. 14).

More than once during his tenure we had to hash and rehash what people thought were wrong decisions and directions. Walk in his shoes and see what you’re in for. Karen Heck should understand this for sure. In a world where you want love and not hate, you’ve got to rekindle the “past turbulence,” Heck’s photo’s and all, to rub it in just a little further.

Thank you, Mike Roy, for 16 years of service to the city, and solid unbiased commitment and direction. I’m sure it was a tough spot working with all the players while constantly being in the spotlight and second-guessed.
Thank you for not dwelling on “past turbulent” times, in an article that should have been totally praiseworthy of Mayor Isgro’s accomplishments as he heads toward retirement.

Thank you, Sydney and Erik, for also not being baited into the muck, once again.


John Rossignol


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