As someone who lives in rural Maine, I am concerned about the lack of affordable high-speed internet coverage in our state. Maine is one of the most rural states in the nation and 37% of rural Americans nationwide lack high-speed internet access at home.

The digital divide is not only about infrastructure. It is also about access to technology so we can take advantage of telehealth, run our businesses, expand our education, maintain social connections and thrive in place as Maine citizens.

Many of our local towns and concerned residents have been working, and continue to work, on viable strategies for better broadband service throughout the state. The Legislature created the Connect ME Authority and certain areas have had some financial help through the legislature as well. There is still so much to be done by town governments and by our Legislature.

Where do the gubernatorial and legislatorial candidates stand on this important issue? Let’s find out together.

For more information, visit today, and remember: Our Voices Decide.

Paul L. Armstrong

AARP ME Volunteer Advocacy Lead



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