I crossed paths with a bewildered lady at the Capitol Complex. Through an Asian accent, she tried to tell me that she needed to renew her cosmetology license. She had no luck on their internet site and had further questions. She had driven 50 miles to arrive here.

We entered the Cross Building and found no one at the information booth. Not knowing where to turn, we tried a secretary on Floor 4. She directed us to Health Tex in Gardiner. Since I was headed that way, she followed in her car to this obscure building. The lobby was locked. Signs said that customers could complete their business online.

What is wrong with this picture? Aside from treating customers awfully, is this the way we welcome immigrants to Maine, arriving with a valid profession?
I can only surmise that many of us don’t care about them. What a shame. If this were policy at a private business, it would quickly go out of business.

This shortsighted, arrogant, discriminatory, unhelpful and unwelcoming policy needs to go, pronto.

Heidi Chadbourne


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