Michael Perkins has represented Oakland for six years. As a career politician, he intended to run for Maine’s 2nd District, but he backed out of that race for his second choice, state senator. Perkins doesn’t represent the people of Senate District 16, as his voting record indicates that he will only vote down party lines. The GOP seeks to gut public education, dismantle the rights of women and the LGBT+ community, and undermine the will of the people by eliminating ranked-choice voting.

In contrast, David LaFountain has proven his commitment to the people of District 16 through lifelong service in Waterville and Winslow fire, including as fire chief. LaFountain, a first-time candidate, is genuine and will represent the district well.

We need representation who will fight for the things the GOP wishes to take from us. The people of Senate District 16 must vote for the candidate who will make a difference and make us his first choice every time, David LaFountain.


Benjamin Gombos


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