I write this letter in support of Heather “Betsy” Garrold, Green Independent candidate for House District 39: Unity, Thorndike, Knox, Waldo, Jackson, Monroe, Swanville, and West Frankfort.

Betsy’s candidacy offers voters in District 39 the chance to elect someone who has a track record of getting things done. Betsy’s dedication to making a difference is reflected in her choice of a career as a mid-wife for 20-plus years. While Betsy is no longer active as a mid-wife, her commitment to her volunteer efforts and her work to pass the Food Sovereignty Act, among many other things gives her a record to run on. Additionally, Betsy is endorsed by the Wabanaki Alliance, Maine Education Assoc., and the Maine Conservation Voter Action Fund.

If you say you’re tired of politics as usual, Betsy Garrold offers a clear, deeply rooted progressive alternative.

I urge everyone I know, and those I don’t, to vote for Heather “Betsy” Garrold.

Betsy Marsano


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