Years ago I wrote a letter to the editor “complaining” about LifeFlight helicopters flying over our house at all hours of the day and night. We live on the top of Oak Hill in South Monmouth, which is equidistant from Central Maine Medical Center and the junctions of 95 and 295 in Gardiner and the Topsham/Brunswick/Wiscasset area. Having flown over the area myself, I recognize that our house would be a handy way point when flying low-level during inclement weather in an emergency. I offered to “leave a light on” for them.

Any of us can become an accident victim and I bet if it was your butt in the back of that helicopter, you’d be a bit more tolerant when than when that noisy helicopter bothers you.

I’m grateful for the life-saving service this fine team performs — day and night — and so should you.

Neil Duggan


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