I’ve been checking the voting record of my representative, Randy Greenwood. I noticed that he scored 0% on the topic of clean elections.

That record means that he voted against every bill on making elections more fair. Bills that have come up in the Legislature this past year involved allowing ongoing absentee voting to help elderly and disabled voters have more access to the polls; including state elections in ranked-choice voting (approved by Maine voters by referendum); and allowing online registration. I was surprised that any legislators would disapprove of these bills. Ranked-choice voting prevents a third-party candidate from accepting money to run for office for the sole purpose of taking votes from the opposing candidate.

The two proposals that do not restrict voters’ access, but are disturbing to me, are letting large corporations outside of Maine put money into our elections, and even worse: allowing foreign corporations’ money to influence our votes.

Originally the concern was about Canadian money. What country will be next? Russia?

Diane Clay


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