Sept. 18 marked the anniversary of establishing the “new Air Force,” formerly part of the Army and called until that time the Army Air Corps. To all of you who served before the new Air Force, at least to my perspective the old Army uniforms were very handsome and sharp, especially when in full dress with the pinks, as they were called.

Now along comes the new Air Force uniforms, and to say they were ridiculed is putting it mildly. Most of us were called “bus drivers” and rightly so, as that’s exactly how they looked.

I recall old Gen. Sweeney when he was on “The Ed Sullivan Show” with his wife lauding her charity work. I told him later that I wished he had worn his civvies, and he told me he didn’t expect to be called on stage with his wife. He greed with me that, yes, they have improved the uniform image slightly but unless your uniform is covered with wings and/or medals the uniforms still look too much like a bus driver’s to suit this old USAF vet.

Frank D. Slason


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