The world stands in grave danger. The Doomsday Clock edges ever closer to midnight. The root cause of wars without end has to be the male addiction to violence. He can’t escape it. He’s hot-wired, as they say, to collect scalps one way or another. Thorstein Vebler had thought that drive might be sublimated by the conflict on Wall Street. Display of fancy cars, mink coats and trophy wives, he thought, might satisfy that urge. But it didn’t.

Maureen Dowd asked: “Are men necessary?” A more cogent up-to-date question might be: “Men: Can we afford them?” Unless the addiction to aggression is somehow overcome, it’s all over. No ifs, ands or buts. Patriarchy is tyrannical. That tyranny must be driven from power and replaced with the wisdom of matriarchy; the maternal wisdom.

The rise to power of women is our only hope. Men must be put out to pasture. Woman-power is our only hope of survival.

Vic Lister


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