This election year has been tumultuous, but Maine has the great opportunity to change the face of its leadership, and can play a vital role in flipping a currently incompetent U.S. Senate.

Sara Gideon has earned my support because she’s an experienced, tough leader who has demonstrated her ability to work effectively across the aisle as Maine House speaker.

During this pandemic, affordable health care is of the utmost importance. In my own family, I’ve seen firsthand the heavy toll COVID-19 can take on even young, healthy people. Sara Gideon has actively worked to protect health care access for Mainers and supports the ACA, but Susan Collins has voted 14 times to delay, repeal or defund it.

This isn’t the kind of leadership Maine needs. Sen. Collins’ time in this seat has expired, and we need a more compassionate, competent candidate to take her place. Vote for Sara Gideon this November.


Dorothy Estrada


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