Voters, the final push for this year’s election season is on. Please don’t become complacent in the importance of your vote. Don’t just vote for the sitting candidate. Don’t just vote for the candidate who happens to have lived in your community for many years and is present on Facebook in photo ops around your city.

Sitting candidates’ voting records are online, laid out for all to read. Every candidate’s roll call votes are listed. You can learn the truth about a candidate just in their voting records. It’s easy to say you’re for veterans or pro-life, hot topics of today’s world. The truth is seen in how they vote or not vote at all. The real question should be, what bills will the candidate introduce supporting their ideas?

We need to hold our sitting candidates accountable for the choices they make while serving their constituents. We need to vote for the candidates that aren’t afraid to vote on all bills, not just the easy ones.

Rebecca F. Foss


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